Imdaad Group partners with Disrupt-X to use IoT Technology in enhancing FM

Aug 28, 2021 4:24:00 PM

Disrupt-X and Imdaad

Imdaad Group has announced its recent partnership with Disrupt-X, a Dubai-based IoT development company, to introduce IoT technology to enhance FM services in the UAE by monitoring the indoor air quality (IAQ) as well as the water quality of swimming pools and tanks.

Disrupt-X’s IoT cloud solution, Ignite Shield, aims to manage swimming pools and ensure high indoor air quality in buildings conveniently through a cloud platform and mobile app. The full-stacked IoT solution can be scaled from a single asset up to the city level which makes it a beneficial tool for FM companies across the country. Disrupt-X’s Ignite Shield features an impressive portfolio of multiple solutions, namely, Smart Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Smart Water Infrastructure Monitoring (water leakage with data breakdown), swimming pool monitoring, SPA monitoring, water tanks monitoring, industrial assets monitoring, and water pressure monitoring from single homes to buildings and communities. It also includes a Portfolio Dashboard up to the city level where alarms can be raised for government authorities, facility management companies, operators, or individual end-users. These solutions use long-life battery devices (up to 7 years) with the latest communication protocols such as Sigfox, 5G, 4G, LoraWAN, Wi-Fi, etc.

These IoT cloud-based solutions have a robust web platform and Mobile Applications supported on both iOS and Android devices which are hosted on AWS using Intel Architecture using AI, machine learning and deep learning algorithms to compute the data and provide beneficial Analytics.

Moreover, it is ideal for facility management companies like Imdaad Group to save effort and time in taking readings to ensure good quality of air and water for their customers by adopting the cutting-edge IOT technologies.

Ignite Shield has a robust web platform and mobile applications supported on iOS and Android devices, hosted on AWS using Intel architecture using AI, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms to compute the data and provide beneficial analytics. Moreover, its cutting-edge IoT cloud-based technologies are ideal for us at Imdaad Group, enabling us to save effort and time in taking readings to ensure the quality of air and water for our customers.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Naganandh Lakshmanan, the Executive Director of FMS at Imdaad, said: “Imdaad’s partnership with Disrupt-X to launch this innovative IoT solution is in line with our digital transformation vision and supports our efforts to strengthen the FM industry in the UAE and the region. Besides offering significant improvements in efficiencies and cost-savings, Ignite Shield will also enable us to operate with greater flexibility and effectiveness by empowering our employees and optimizing our operations, thereby helping us to continue delivering FM services of the highest standards to our clients.”

Disrupt-X CEO, Mr. Yaseen Aljaizani, said: “With the demand for IoT devices and solutions gaining traction globally, we envisage that early adopters like Imdaad with their vast client reach will accelerate the emergence of IoT as the norm for all monitoring and control of hardware sensors and devices. We are confident that this technology will help FM companies reduce their overheads by minimizing manual tasks besides enabling them to respond faster to their clients with real-time information from alerts on IoT systems. Thanks to Intel’s second to none processors, we are able to expand our portfolio into further offerings for air and water applications that can be customized according to our client’s needs.”

At launch of Ignite Shield Intel’s Enterprise and Public Sector Manager for Gulf region Mr. Adib Rajji said, "We strive to provide Disrupt-X with what they need so they can focus on their success with their customers and business. At Intel we enable an early solution development engagement so partners can take advantage of Intel's leading-edge technology and Edge to cloud offerings."